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What's Up?

MyNetwork now offers THREE different tracks for Leaders, Managers and Producers! 

A sketch of the upcoming season for each of the three network tracks are as follows:

Leaders, Emerging Leaders, and Manager tracks

There are thousands of books, articles and podcasts produced on this topic each year.  Each with their own opinion of what it takes to be a great leader, strategies for leading a successful organization and what that looks like.  One thing eclipses them all - the leader’s human imprint, their ultimate impact on their team and their organization. 


The leadership tables of MyNetwork this season will be focused on taking a look at things that all leaders need in place in order to make their ultimate positive impact. 

Session themes and key content coming your way this season are: 


  • Setting IMPACTful Intentions

  • IMPACT Starts in ONE Place

  • Kolbe Strengths Workshop (optional)

  • InsurBanc Endowed Speaker Session on "Brain Health" with Anna Irwin

  • CliftonStrengths Workshop with Amie Haar (optional)

  • IMPACTful Communication

  • “I’ve always wanted to talk about….” – true masterminding at its finest!

  • “Let’s Talk” Book discussion with Sara & Amie on “Trust & Inspire” by Stephen Covey

  • “My Favorite Things” BrainTrust (optional)

  • IMPACTful Connections - Leaders Worth Following:  A healthy organization …the only type to have.

  • Setting IMPACTful Intentions...Looking back, looking forward

The life as a producer in the insurance space can be one of the most rewarding and most challenging experiences on any given day, any given week, month, or year.  IT’s even more challenging when you’re going it alone or you don’t have anyone walking alongside of you to help stand out in a crowded field and realize your true income potential….regardless of how long you’ve been doing it!

These dynamic groups are led by a seasoned agency and producer management professional with a keen ability to guide, motivate, inspire and coach producers.

Monthly Session Focus:

October – each initial session of every MyNetwork season is always focused on activities that connect and create community at the table.  Not only will we begin getting to know our network peers, we’ll also take a quick walk through the BIGideas of the season and your ultimate goal as a producer – IMPACT on your client’s future financial security as a result of being a trusted partner in their risk management team.

In your first 1:1 coaching session with your network facilitator you’ll be discussing the KOLBE assessment you took at the beginning of the season.

November – the first BIGidea round of the season this session will begin to build a foundation for the entire season as you delve into the elements of your Personal Branding - what it is, why it is important, how to establish it then how to maintain and leverage it as you continue to grow your presence in your marketplace and beyond.

December – Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for another perspective on creating impact through a look at Patrick Lencioni’s “Ideal Team Player”.   We will be led by national speaker, trainer and coach Lorinda Schrammel with Growth Training and Consulting.  All MyNetwork groups will be a part of this single session on December 7th at 1:30 CT.  Book this on your calendar before your schedule gets all clogged up with holiday parties, shopping and year-end planning! 

January – Always a favorite session of the season, our Sharing Round also title “A Few of My Favorite Things” is when each group member brings 1-3 things to the table that make their life (personal or professional) better, more productive, efficient or just plain fun!  Then, at the end of the month all the favs from each of the MyNetwork tables are rolled up into a single document and shared with titles, descriptions and even hyperlinks if you’re lucky!

February – The second BIGidea round of the season will be focused on Entrepreneurship and Personal Accountability.  Why you need it, what it is, how to maintain it and what to do when you find yourself “managing up”.

March – A new twist to our previous book workshops, this season everyone can choose what book or books they want to read and attend the discussion for that book.  Book workshop options coming your way this season are:

  • Leaders:  The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

  • Managers:  Impact Players by Liz Wiseman

  • Producers:  Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Want to discuss them all?  Just get to work and we’ll look forward to seeing you three times in March...or you can watch the session recordings!

April – Insight rounds are another highly synergistic session where network members bring challenges or opportunities they’ve been dealing with and gain valuable feedback from their peers.  We have oft heard it said that iron sharpens iron and you will see that in action during our April insight rounds!

May – The season just flies when you’re engaged in the activities of your group and have connected 1:1 with your fellow networkers.  In our closing session we’ll be discussing the BIGgest idea of the season that just about every Producer struggles with, new or “seasoned”, in the crazy business we’re navigating today – Market (hard/soft) Strategies and Value-driven Selling, the antithesis of the age-old price game.   Not only will you leave this session with a valuable toolbox for your future, but you’ll also finish the season with an action plan to take your role as a Producer to new heights! 


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