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Nearly 10,000 lives now are being impacted by MyNetworkers across the globe, and the numbers go up every day.  But don’t take our word for it, see what others say about the impact of MyNetwork and judge for yourself.

“In looking for ways for my staff to grow professionally, I was thrilled that MyNetwork started in Oklahoma!  It gives my team an opportunity to learn from and network with other people that do what she does.  Sara does an incredible job of planning and leading the meetings.  My staff always comes back excited about the takeaways from the meeting.  The real benefit is that my staff looks at the agency with a different perspective and implements positive changes.”


Piedmont, OK

“I wanted to let you know my sincere gratitude for being that voice in my head.  What would Sara do?  Sara would tell me to keep the eye on the goals and disregard the noise. Keep moving and making things happen!  I was hired for a reason and if do my very best to do that and it still isn’t good enough, then I’m in the wrong place.

I’ve shared these words with countless staff and even recently with a new hire who I can see already has great potential.  I say to myself, ‘if I can aspire to be that kind of mentor to my team’ so that when I’m not there they can say “what would Lee Anne do?” then I’ve truly made a difference.   And that’s what this is all about!"


Vice President of Account Management
Chicago, IL

“Being able to connect with people in similar professional circumstances is like therapy!”


VP of Business Development
Oklahoma – Arkansas

“I am just now finishing my work day but wanted to end it saying THANK YOU! It was so refreshing speaking with you in our one-on-one coaching session today!  The tips you provided were invaluable and much appreciated.”


Agent Development Programs Manager
Alexandria, VA

“The topics for new season are always fantastic!  I’ve gotten so much from the Epic Summits and I’m holding my breath to make sure I can be there again in January!  I’m a better owner, manager and salesperson from the lessons learned from my facilitator and the fabulous women in my group!”


Kenmore, NY

“MyNetwork has so many great benefits!  There are many women with years of experience in the industry and/or in the workplace that have great ideas, great knowledge and great experiences to share.  Even if you are new to the industry or are young, you will have ideas to share to benefit others in the group. We discuss everything from workflows/operations, to new system implementation, to office administration, to 21st century workplace, to leadership, to personal/professional development.  We can talk about challenges and victories because other women are having the exact same situations and activity in their workplace.  I have personally received such wonderful encouragement, new ideas and support from this group.  This network is a place where you can connect on every level!”


Agency Manager
Yukon, OK

“This group means the world to me and I truly love being a part of this amazing group of women!”


Vice President
Medford, MA

“MyNetwork is a great way to meet and collaborate with other women who are in a similar professional situation.  It's a rare opportunity to really meet as women and have thought-provoking conversations on relevant and topics surrounding our industry.”


Oklahoma City/Lawton, OK

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