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Who We Are

The success of every MyNetwork group each season truly stems from the connectivity and chemistry of the cohort and their commitment to engaging to heighten their sense of community.  Vital to the group’s connectivity and cohesion is the leadership of their facilitator and coach.
MyNetwork prides itself in the vast experience of our master facilitators and we want you to get a feel for who we are.

Amie Haar

Amie is the founder and practice leader of Emerge Consulting.  A Clifton Strengths coach, Amie loves helping others to find their true purpose through individual coaching, team facilitation, and large group training and specializes in the areas of communication, relationship building, core business strategy, and planning in the insurance industry space.  Amie is passionate about many things, including her faith, her family, the power of a good belly laugh, and the way in which the world can thrive by means of education (especially when it comes to us!).

Sara Bradshaw Ray

As the founder of MyNetwork, it goes without saying that Sara is evangelistic about the importance and great value of connecting and growing individuals in all facets of our profession.  Literally born in the business, this “agency brat” turned career veteran agency owner now management consultant, Sara brings a wealth of experience from the carrier, agency, and cluster sides of the insurance vertical and then some.


Tom Baker

Tom’s specialty is strategically identifying strengths and weaknesses in staffing, agency culture, compensation, and workflow to create simple, practical plans for personal and professional growth. During his 20 years as a marriage and family counselor and leadership coach, he discovered getting people to do the "right " thing is neither productive nor practical. Tom brought his counseling model, “Manage processes. Lead people.” to the insurance industry in 2003. Since then, Tom has worked with both independent and captive agencies. He was the Senior Editor of The View, a monthly newsletter with a total readership of over 8,000 insurance professionals, and a monthly contributor for Agent and Broker magazine from 2006 to 2008. Tom is also the founder of Comp21, introducing the first talent management system for the insurance industry.


MyNetwork is a nationwide network of peer professional groups who meet monthly in a facilitated mastermind virtual meeting environment.  Meeting formats include learning rounds, challenge rounds, sharing rounds, a guest speaker as well as an optional book discussion during each of the 8-month seasons.


All transformationally-minded leaders know that they have to constantly be working to inspire and grow themselves long before they can inspire, grow and transform their organizations.  Impactful growth doesn’t take place near as quickly, comfortably, or effectively as when you have other peer professionals to lean on and into.  MyNetwork brings together growth-oriented individuals in a powerful, synergist setting that raises everyone’s game with each interaction. 


We make our home in Oklahoma, though we provide a platform for nationwide networks that meet on a monthly basis through state-of-the-art video conferencing technology for virtual events and live-streaming simulcasts. 


Synergy: the outcome of a system greater than the sum of its parts.

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