Who We Are




Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC

Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Big I of Oklahoma

MyNetwork Founder and Master Facilitator


With over 30 years in agency ownership and management, complimented by a background in company commercial underwriting, Ray leads the Agency Opportunities team for Big I Oklahoma and brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to the table.  Her vast experience coupled with a keen sense of the dynamics of efficiency, and its impact on productivity uniquely suits her to meet a variety of operational, management and marketing needs in agencies today.


MyNetwork is a nationwide network of peer professional groups who meet monthly in a facilitated mastermind virtual meeting environment.  Meeting formats include learning rounds, challenge rounds, sharing rounds as well as 2 book discussion/workshops during each of the 8-month seasons.


All transformationally-minded leaders know that they have to constantly be working to inspire and grow themselves long before they can inspire, grow and transform their organizations.  Impactful growth doesn’t take place near as quickly, comfortably or effectively as when you have other peer professionals to lean on and into.  MyNetwork brings together growth-oriented individuals in a powerful, synergist setting that raises everyone’s game with each interaction. 


We make our home in Oklahoma, though we provide a platform for nationwide networks that meet on a monthly basis through state-of-the-art video conferencing technology for virtual events and live-streaming simulcasts. 


When we’re not facilitating MyNetwork groups and creating content we also approved to provide Operational Improvement Reviews for the SwissRe Errors & Omissions risk management credit program and teach in the Agency Management institutes for The National Alliance, so travel is our friend if you need us onsite.


Synergy: the outcome of a system greater than the sum of its parts.