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Groups to Grow With

EPO – Executive, Principal, Owners

This group is the reason MyNetwork originally began.  Today’s pressure on organizational leaders is immense.  There’s no better place to be energized, inspired, and ignited to keep taking your organization to the next level than with peers who all likely bring needed perspectives from having been down a path similar to yours.   Already near the top of the organizational ladder, this group is made up of individuals who are looking for others they can relate to, connect with to share tried and true best practices for growing their businesses, themselves, AND a safe place to weather the storms that bubble up around them. 

Producer Success Network (Introduced in Season 8)

The life as a producer in the insurance space can be one of the most rewarding and most challenging lives on any given day, any given week, month or year.  Even more challenging when you’re going it alone or you don’t have anyone walking alongside of you to help stand out in a crowded field and realize your true income potential!  This group will focus on the competencies successful producers must possess including personal accountability, entrepreneurial spirit, market strategies, pipelining and prospect management, value-driven selling and much, much more! 


NextGen – Agency Owners

There’s a staggering statistic that 30% of the 2nd and 3rd generation agencies are being taken back over by the preceding generation because the successors weren’t equipped before they found themselves with “corner office” responsibilities.  Secure the future for your agency by intentionally investing in and growing the next generation through the world-class leadership development learning rounds and executive coaching that are integral to the MyNetwork programming.


Mid-level Managers (Introduced in Season 8)

Join others who all share one thing in common – the desire to get to the next level of their career and the need for a proven and consistent approach to get there.  “Mid-level Manager” is just a title, not an age-range or rung on the ladder – it’s a mindset!  Get “there” quicker by linking arms with others who are on the same journey as you are – growth!

Other Positionally Focused Groups

MyNetwork also gathers together other positionally focused groups who share common industry roles and provides “MarketShare” and “BrainTrust” segments designed to get the answers, resources and empathic encouragement.    

General groups currently offered are listed above, but the opportunities to gather with positional peers abound when a minimum size and cohesion can be achieved.

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Gender specific groups

  • Internal organizational teams

  • Functionally focused positions (i.e. finance, marketing, HR)

Do you know someone who could benefit from a MyNetwork facilitated mastermind group?

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