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222 Mentoring

MyNetwork was founded on the power of synergy that naturally catalyzes when two or more like-minded professionals gather in an iron-sharpening iron environment and the outcome far surpasses the sum of the parts.  That’s also what happens with 222 Mentoring but reaches across tables to connect individuals at different levels or stages in their career in mentor/protégé relationships.
Not that you’ve “made it” but you have walked a path, overcome challenges, learned a lesson or two that you’d like to help someone avoid who’s coming along behind you? 
Your “train is on the track” but you’re not exactly sure how to navigate the curves and steep grades ahead of you? 
If you said “Yes, that’s me!” to either of those statements then MyNetwork 222 Mentoring is just the ticket for you!

  • Mentors -  reach out or down to those who are coming up in our industry and impact lives in ways perhaps you didn’t experience.

  • Protégés - connect with someone you can trust to shoot straight with you about how to keep growing as a professional in our fantastic industry.

222 Mentoring connects men and women with other men and women in the MyNetwork family of national mastermind groups.
2 x 2 - through your 222 application you’ll be matched with another MyNetworker either as a Mentor or a Protégé
2 x 2 x 2 - your twosome will determine who much or how little time you plan to meet.  At each meeting, you’ll both come with 2 questions (or more) to ask the other person.
2 x 2 x 2 x 2….just sit back and be astounded at the exponential impact in your own life of either pouring into another or being poured into by someone else.  It’s simply amazing to see and experience!
These types of mentoring relationships have been in existence since MyNetwork began years ago.  We’re excited that with the growth of the network we’re now able to formalize it by connecting individuals looking to take their professional growth and relationships to new heights through 222 Mentoring.

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