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Two Heads (and more) Are Always Better Than One.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Author: Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC

Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

It has oft been quoted that two heads are better than one, but let’s not stop there! Some of the best and brightest in the business world know the incredible power of collaboration and perspective when it comes to taking aim at growing to the next level. 75% of Fortune 500 CEO’s meet regularly with peer coaching groups.

For many, the concept of mastermind groups is still relatively new, even though it’s been around seventy-five or more years, thanks to the work of Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. At the most basic level a mastermind group is a small group of individuals who meet together to address challenges and gain insights to help them mobilize their own organizations and individual careers.

Our Big I Oklahoma Agency Opportunities department is proud to now be the home of a nationwide network of facilitated mastermind groups called MyNetwork. Why highlight the “facilitated” word? Because MyNetwork programming differs greatly from traditional “think tank” type mastermind groups. It’s also one of the many reasons that MyNetwork has grown to be a mission-critical lifeline to its members who meet virtually in high-impact settings to learn and collaborate for growth.


MyNetworkers leverage the power of perspective through the diverse experiences and expertise of their peers. The results speak for themselves with an ignited imagination that is so crucial to visioner forward.


“I wonder” are two of the most powerful and empowering words in a leader’s headspace and vocabulary. Where curiosity sparks imagination, inspiration can take you and your team just about anywhere!


Every MyNetwork mastermind session includes insightful, energizing and encouraging conversations. “Member Matchups” connect you with your fellow networkers on a 1:1 basis to even further leverage the power of the collective “brilliance” inside your group.


Learning Rounds and Book workshops will push you beyond the barriers of status quo. Each provide new opportunities to expand your knowledge and expertise, maybe even considering a whole new angle to an old theme. Regardless of the learning perspective, the goal is always to keep you growing.


Leaders and organizations who aren’t constantly growing aren’t just stagnant, they’re falling behind. Keep growing yourself so you can keep growing your organization to the next level of impact!


Your growth as a leader can be as natural as breathing when you’re a MyNetwork masterminder…it’s just what cutting edge leaders do who want to keep growing to the next level of impact and effectiveness.

What are you waiting for? Your next level is right in front of you! Be that cutting edge leader by engaging in MyNetwork for iron sharpening iron synergy that fosters your own and other’s growth.

Groups are forming now October launch. Types of groups available are: NextGen Agency Owners, Executive/Principal/Owners, Emerging Leaders as well as other same and mixed gender positionally-focused cohorts.

We’d love to answer your questions or for information on how to apply for a group – contact us at

MyNetwork: Connecting and Growing Leaders in the Insurance Vertical

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