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Groups to Grow With (removed 06062022 JR)

MyNetwork facilitated mastermind groups are a nationwide learning network of peer professionals in the insurance vertical that meet virtually on a monthly basis for an 8-month season.  Season highlights include:

8 – MyNetwork eMeetings:  Monthly web-based meetings, presentations and facilitated topical discussions in an exclusive peer-to-peer setting with others in similar roles in the insurance industry.  


4 - Interactive meeting formats designed around our e3 purpose to encourage, empower and enhance the lives of the participants through continual learning.   All rounds include valuable network member interaction in a professionally facilitated and focused environment (50-75 minutes)

  • Learning Rounds = teaching and training by your mastermind network facilitator

  • Challenge Round = facilitated peer-to-peer mentoring on “challenges”

  • Sharing Round = idea, resource and other valuable assets brought by each member

  • Book Review/Workshops = 2 best-seller books chosen to ignite continued leadership development


  • 2 Executive Coaching Sessions with your network facilitator - scheduled individually


Mastermind Group Types


EPO – Executive, Principal, Owners

This group is the reason MyNetwork originally began.  The pressure of organization leaders is immense at times and challenges come from a variety of directions. 

There’s no better place to be energized, inspired, ignited to keep taking your organization to the next level than with peers who all face much of what you face.   Already near the top of the ladder, this group is made up of individuals who are looking for others they can relate to, connect with to share tried and true best practices for growing their businesses, themselves AND a safe place to weather the storms that bubble up around them. 


NextGen – Agency Owners

There’s a staggering statistic that 30% of the 2nd and 3rd generation agencies are taken back over by the preceding generation because the successors weren’t equipped to take over before they found themselves in the corner office or at least with that responsibility of leadership. 

Don’t let your agency fall prey to the ills that can occur from the lack of preparing the next generation of your organization.  Secure your future by intentionally growing the next generation through the world-class leadership development learning rounds and executive coaching that are integral to the MyNetwork programming.


Young Agents

Join with others who all share one thing in common – getting to the next level of your career and need a consistent approach to get there.  “Young Agents” is just a title, not an age-range or rung on the ladder toward the climb – it’s a challenge!  Get “there” quicker by linking arms with others who are on the same journey as you are – growth!


Positionally Focused Groups

Need a fresh perspective?  Wish you could benefit from other’s tried and true best practices in the same position you have, but don’t know how to find it?  Dream of being able to collaborate with like-minded, positional leaders just like you?  Here’s your opportunity! 

MyNetwork also gathers together other positionally focused groups who share common industry roles and provides “MarketShare” segments in addition to the regular monthly meetings designed to get the answers, resources and empathic encouragement you need.  General groups currently offered are listed below, but the opportunities to gather with positional peers abound if a minimum size can be achieved.

  • Mid-level Managers

  • State Insurance Association Leaders

  • Up-and-Comers

  • Internal organizational teams


Sponsored/Branded Networks

Love what you see MyNetwork is doing in our industry and want to encourage others in their path of growth, regardless of where they are?  Sponsor a group and be a part of helping take our industry to the next level by providing this unique resource to those most important to helping your organization get there yourselves.

For more information on sponsoring one or many networks contact

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